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If you believe you have witnessed or been the victim of Internet fraud, you can file a report online here.

Before supporting any charitable cause, always do your research. Here are signs of charity fraud and how to report it.

Know your rights.  Consumer rights and consumer protection law provides a way for individuals to fight back against abusive business practices. These laws are designed to hold sellers of goods and services accountable when they seek to profit by taking advantage of a consumer’s lack of information or bargaining power. Some conduct addressed by consumer rights laws is simply unfair, while other conduct can be described as outright fraud. Consumer rights laws exist at the federal and state level. They are enforced by government agencies, offices of attorneys general, and through individual and class action lawsuits filed by victims. If you believe a merchant has violated your consumer rights, you can take the actions mentioned above, and speak with an attorney to send a message to the offender that abusive business practices will not be tolerated.



20 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. It’s quite apparent that the Waters’ main objective in being on Facebook is to push merchandise for sales and to self promote, and NOT to actually “raise awareness” or help anyone except to help themselves make free money off their child’s disability. They are posting the same things over and over.

    Even in groups where sales are not allowed, the reader is immediately invited to the Candy Waters art page where they are quickly re-directed to the external merchandise/sales portal.
    Look here, go there.

    Typical of scammers, they market to vulnerable and sometimes chronically ill groups who are more likely to be taken in by scams and may be off their guard. Anyone who looks a little deeper will see that the Waters don’t actually participate in the groups they join; They just post a photo of a “Candy painting” and then invite people to their page.
    They also say Candy smiles when people “like” their page, or that it makes them “feel better” to post Candy’s art (which Candy is obviously not making as they claim).


    See for yourself. Just search for Candy Waters art on Facebook and you will see hundreds of groups that the Waters are members of, but don’t actually participate in except to punch in their canned self promotion.

    Below is only a partial, alphabetized list of Facebook groups that the Candy Waters art page has been shared to, strictly for promotion and pushing merchandise. This is all publicly visible and searchable on Facebook.

    Partial list of groups:

    “Calling All Angels”
    “One Voice” for Brain Health Awareness
    #take 20 TM meditation for World Peace
    A Course in Miracles
    A Spiritual Hand
    AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation) Awareness
    Action for Autism
    Abraham-Hicks and You
    Abstract&Geometric Art
    Angel Friends
    Angel Healing and Divine Guidance
    Angels Among Us TLC Discussion Group
    Anointed Prayer Warriors
    Art Christos
    Art Dreamers (New)
    Art Gallery Facebook
    Art Singulier & Outsider Art
    Art and Photography Allowed
    Art World International
    Artist Network
    Artist’s Art Space
    Artists Trying to Make a Living Creating Art
    Artists and Autism
    Artists of Autism
    Artists to add and art pages to like
    Ascension, Phoenix Rising, Multidimensional Beings, Sacredness
    Attention Deficit Disorder, the Official Open Group
    Autistic and Proud of it
    Autism Pervasive Development Disorder/Not Specified PDD NOS
    Autism Society of North Carolina
    Autism Speaks
    Autism Spectrum Disorder through my eyes
    Autismo Asperger Sao Paolo
    Autismo en Puerto Rico
    Autoimmunity Awareness
    Awakening Code Community 11:11 33:33 44:44
    Awetism is the new Autism
    Ban Vaccines 2013
    Be Your Light
    Beat Disability
    Bird Tribe, Co-Creators of the New Lemurian Nation
    CF Connect
    CF Society
    CHERAB foundation for apraxia, autism, speech disorders and late talkers
    Cannabis Comp Centre Group
    Caregivers and the Eldercare Community
    Cerebral Palsy Worldwide
    Chicago Art Gallery
    Chicago Artists Resource
    Christian Friends on Facebook
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chronic Fatigue/M.E. Increase Awareness & Understanding
    Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3
    Chronic Pain Talk
    Church of Christ Facebook
    Circle Group Brain Injury
    Coffee Talk
    Coloring Coloring Coloring – International
    Compassionate Love
    Concert and Debate to Ban Vaccines
    Connoisseurs of Truth
    Council of Archangels
    Creative Designers and Writers
    Creativity as a Healing Force in the World
    Crohn’s Disease Awareness
    Crystal Healing, know your stones .com
    Cystic Fibrosis
    D i s i b i l m e n t e i n s i e m e
    David Lynch Foundation
    Dialysis Discussion Uncensored
    Disability Arts Online – the facebook group
    Disability + Positivity = Creativity (DPC)
    Disability Discrimination Australia Public Forum
    Divine Encounter
    Divine Love
    Divine Souls of Universal Love and Light
    Dr. Wakefield’s Work Must Continue
    Easy Gluten Free Recipes
    Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
    Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT tapping
    Energetic Healing
    Epilepsy U
    Facebook Conservatives
    Faith is Knowing God Can
    Fatass Vegans are Awesome
    Female Identity Art
    Fine Art Social Group for Buyers and Artists
    First Wave Blue Ray Indigos & Indigos
    Get Living It
    Give Peace a Chance
    Gluten Free Malta
    Gluten Free Planet
    Grupo Acolhe Autismo – Santos
    Healing Spirits and Beyond
    Health and Fitness Girltalk
    Help for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Help for IBS
    Hippie Gathering
    Home of Michael the Archangel
    Homeschool Deals and Freebies
    Humanity is Awakening
    I Actually have autism/asperger’s and DON’T want to be cured
    I Bet I Can Find 200,000 People with Lyme Disease
    I Hate Dialysis
    I Think Mom’s Gone Crazy Unleashed II
    I’m a Proudly Self Taught Self Educated Artist
    Illustration Art Animation Psychedelic Hippie Music Free
    Imagiville: Spreading Autism Acceptance & Awareness Worldwide
    Indigo Adults
    Injured by Vaccines
    Invisible Diseases.com support Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibro, and Lyme
    It’s all about Jesus
    James Paul McCartney Loves You All
    Jesus the sweetest name we know
    Joey Art International
    Journey of the Soul
    Just Paint
    Kidney Cancer Support Group of Michigan
    Kidney Cancer Survivors
    Laughing Buddha
    Light Language/Sacred Geometry
    Lightworkers of the World
    Living with Lupus with Love, Hope, and Glitter
    Living with MS
    Love Love Love…Love is all your need
    Lupus in Color
    Lymphedema Lifeline Foundation
    MST/PTSD awareness and education
    Make Parental Alienation a Crime
    Mark Leland Fans
    Maya Abdominal Massage and Spiritual Healing (Arvigo)
    Mental Health Recovery and WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan
    Messages of Hope!!
    Migraine Support Group
    Modern Artists
    Moms Against Duncan (MAD)
    Mother Earth
    Music Producers and Artists Connect
    Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
    Multiple Sclerosis Trust
    Multiple Sclerosis is the most common disabling neurological condition
    Multiple System Atrophy
    My Crazy Life with Mast Cell Disorder
    My Journey with Josh (blog)
    Natural Remedies and Cures for Illness
    New Earth Global Humanitarian Projects Meet-Up Group
    New York Contemporay Art Gallery
    Nosmove Arte
    Not Ashamed of Jesus Christ
    Occupational Therapy Students Get Connected
    Occupational Therapy India
    Open Minds for ACIM and NTI
    Operation Baby Drop
    Outsider Art Gallery
    Paint Me a Dream
    Paint Promote and Sell 2d Art
    Paint on!!!!
    Parental Alienation Awareness of America
    Parental Alienation Worldwide Support
    Parenting is a civil right!
    Parents Forum for Differently Able
    Pastel Painters Unity
    Paying till it Hurts
    Peace Hippie Art Japan
    Peace Loving Hippies
    Plantar Fasciitis
    Positive Mantras for Life
    Psychedelic Artworks
    Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness
    SAA Art Group
    Sarcoidosis is Real
    Sarcoma Alliance
    Schafer Report
    School of Lightworkers
    Secular Homeschool Families
    Share and Support
    Single Parents of Children with Autism
    So In Love
    Special Education Update
    Special Educators
    Special Needs Family Fun
    Spiritual Leaders and Prophets
    Spiritual Warriors
    SubLYME Art
    Surrealism Esoteric Mystic Art – Exhibitions Artists Today and Tomorow
    Surrealist and Visionary Art Group
    Talent Productions: Modeling, Acting, Music, and Sports
    TBI Traumatic Brain Injury Victors, families and their close friends!!
    The Animal Spirits in Art
    The Art Cafe
    The Art Shop: Artists, Cartoonists, Photographers, Designers, Film Makers
    The Art of Autism
    The Bridge to Freedom
    The Garden of Art and Peace – escalaplano
    The Gifts of Autism
    The Golden Age of GANS
    The Lightworkers of Ireland Network
    The Multicultural Universal Art Group
    The National Cannabis Patients Wall
    The Prayer Partners
    The Trump Party
    Time to Heal
    To Be a Modern Impressionist Painter
    Transcendental Meditation
    Transpersonalism Art Movement
    Transverse Myelitis Coalition
    Umbilika: Parenting for a new reality
    Vaccine Resistance Movement VRM Updates and News from the Trenches
    Vegan Networking
    Vegan and Non-Vegan Discussions troll free
    Vegan is Peace
    Vibration of Awesomism
    Virtual Homeschool Group
    Wet n wild discriminate against a young boy with autisum
    Wheelchair Users Group
    Windhorse Circle for Rainbow Warriors
    Women Uplifting Women
    Wonderful Art
    Work at Home Jobs for Stay at Home
    Wrongplanet.net Autism Group
    Yes to Spirituality
    You Know You Grew Up in the 70’s If

    This list does not include the hundreds of groups that they have recently been reported and kicked out of for spam or for joining under false pretenses.

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    1. “Rockin’ & Ridin’ for Autism”
      Autism United
      Leonora Gregory-Collura Âû Artistic Director/Choreographer/Producer
      Spiritual Food For The Soul – A Journey with Jesus –
      The Good
      Transcendentalna meditacija Bosna i Hercegovina

      There’s also a set of Toxic Mold groups the Waters are spamming.


      1. Added to the Waters’ spam list. These are all publicly searchable groups.:

        2015 Annual Rainbow Gathering
        ASPERGER’S SYNDROME AWARENESS – Bryan’s Advocacy
        Action in Autism
        Autism Australia Wide
        Autism Rocks Cincinnati
        Autism Sings HD
        Autism Village
        Autism and Aspergers Support Group Big Island
        Autism for Help Village Project
        Autisme Malaysia
        Autistic Hero’s
        B.A.S.I.C. ~ Brother’s And Sister’s In Christ
        Borderline Genius
        Cancer 101 – Healing from Cancer – Testimonials, Resources, and Discussion
        Cerebral Palsy Parents Information Group
        Coloring Books for Adults
        Dementia Knowledge Exchange Global
        Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Recovery
        House of Sun
        I Support Autism Candles
        Jennifer O’Toole’s Asperkids
        KIDS – Keep Infants with Down Syndrome
        Kids Adventure Play Hackney
        Only Love
        Persons STRIVING to SURVIVE with Multiple Sclerosis
        Photo Explorations
        Tali Berman Autism Specialist
        Texas Lutheran University Social Entrepreneurship
        The CP Group
        The Great Chicago Artist
        The Greater Purpose Project
        The International Coffee Clutch
        The Surreal Arts
        The Thinking Mom’s Revolution
        Tie Dye Everything
        Till All the Pieces Are in Place- Unique Autism Awareness Accessories
        World Artist Network
        to Rett Syndrome Research Trust – Reverse Rett Syndrome


      2. More public places the Waters have spammed:

        Advocating for a Better Future
        Campaign Urging Research for Eosinophilic Disease (C.U.R.E.D.)
        Crohn’s Disease Awareness
        Epstein-Barr Virus(EBV) “the silent disease”
        Passionate Artists
        Teaching Disability Studies


    2. I put this list on my Candy Waters autism artist boycott page and it was reported. We got reported on a lot of silly things. I was fb grounded for 3 days. I made a group instead. I believe The Waters have used a couple of fake accounts trying to get in. I believe they tried to friend me using a fake profile of a guy from the tiny town I live in.
      These people need to be commited

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      1. I tried to join your group but couldn’t for some reason. Sandy waters has now started advertising her daughters “art” in some of the coloring therapy groups. I have alerted admins of page but no reply yet. I do not want her scamming the coloring therapy world as many of us have already been through enough trauma.


  2. More groups and public figures spammed by the Waters:

    Asperger’s Syndrome
    Autism Talk
    Divine Consciousness
    Families Helping Families with Special Needs
    Healthy World is the Best
    Hippies that love the country
    I Support Autism Awareness
    Jason’s Connection
    Jett Proof Australia
    Key to My Art
    Kip McGrath Umhlanga
    Law of Attraction Magic
    Law of Attraction-Thoughts Become Things
    Messages of Hope and Healing
    Numinous Zoe
    Return of the Gods and Godesses
    Rotara School
    Sensory Learning Experience
    Specialists in Scientific Education Ltd
    Spirit of the New World with Love and Nature
    The Warriors of the Spirit Fighting Fore Freedom
    You are Healer

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  3. A Facebook group called “You Can’t Handle the Truth” – believe it or not the Candy Waters art page has spammed there too. Oh, the irony. The TRUTH is that Candy is not independently painting the art the family is making money off of. If it wasn’t pathetic and tragic, it would be funny that they spammed that group.

    It should be noted that Sandy Waters has many Facebook profiles, many with fictitious names, but several using her actual name. So when she is removed from a group for spam, she still attempts to spam it with a different profile or troll it.

    Another technique used by the Candy Waters Autism Artist page to fake the art presentation is to present the same image (flowers, sun, starburst, etc.) multiple times but photographed at different angles and adjusting the color filter. To present the image as though it’s a completely different piece of art is deceptive.

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  4. The Waters also spam international communities on Facebook. Here are just a few:

    ANCA Naturally Autistic Magazine Âû
    Autismo en Puerto Rico
    Autismo- TGD- Padres de Balcarce – Argentina
    Autismus – Autism – توحد – Autismo – Otizm…
    Curando el Autismo (CEA)
    Grupo Acolhe Autismo -Santos
    Yo tengo un hijo con AUTISMO
    to Autismo- TGD- Padres de Balcarce – Argentina
    Аутизм и АВА-терапия


      1. I would suspect that with the attention they dedicate to making fake art, faked videos, spamming, stalking, creating lies and fake identities, policing and censoring their social media and so forth — that they probably don’t do a lot of quality parenting at the level those kids need. That poor girl deserves better than to be left unattended and ignored in a back yard (as reported by a former caregiver) while the parents perpetuate their forgeries and deception with public sympathy.

        It is tragic. It is pure theft, not only of time, love, and attention that their children need but also of innocent people’s money. Almost $100 for a hoodie covered in fake rainbow clown art that wasn’t even painted by the child? Are you kidding me?

        And yet the parents go on and on with their empty and BOGUS claims of being bullied and whatever garbage lies they keep vomiting out on social media to scare people away from really examining the facts about their scam.

        Tell the truth, Waters.
        Post an UNEDITED and CONTINUOUS video of the child making one of those suns or birds or whatever is being sold on Zazzle if you want people to believe your daughter “loves to paint” and “speaks through her art” with true intent of expressing herself. Not the dots and smears – we want to see the child make the precise palm trees, angels, birds, suns, or rainbow starbursts. The ones used on the Zazzle items.

        No excuses, no shadowy mystery hands out of the camera frame, no bad lighting or shadowy grainy footage, no cuts and edits. Are you going to submit these latest videos to the news stations too? We know they would love to see them.


      2. Because they are neglecting her so they have time. My youngest has high functioning autism/asperghers , is verbal, but has so many issues and disorders. And even with him being high functioning , I don’t have time to do all they do nor would I want to.

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      3. Because Sandy Waters don’t have a job and has found a way to exploit her severely Autistic daughter so she can make money an line he pockets using her evil scheme. If she wasn’t making money off her like this the mental and emotional abuse would not be happening. I realized a while back the reason the authorities won’t do any thing to those douche bag parents of Candy’s is because they aren’t physically abusing their daughter, but making her Autism related issues such as sensory processing much worse. Poor Candy acts like she doesn’t even want to put blobs of paint on a piece of paper but is practically being made to with Sandy’ heavy manipulation and lots of edits. So we all need to concentrate how to stop the mental anguish Candace Waters is going through causing her Autism Symptoms to be a lot worse. And you can sure see it in those insulting videos that parents make of her putting blobs of paint on a paper.

        Candy Waters is now 16 years old and she has not hardly improved since that very first video which I still have and then she is heavily coached using clickers, food, music and other things to get her to move the brush when she stops or spends to much time with the brush in the paint jar. The dad makes crazy noises in the background to get her to smile and laugh as if she is enjoying all of this bullshit that her mother is making her do.

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  5. Candy Waters was also a member of a group I run (Neuropathic ~ Nerve Pain Support Group). We have 13,000 members and before I found out this was a scam she had been a member for quite a while and ‘recruited’ MANY followers.
    I’m disgusted that not only did Candy Waters not have any condition for her to be a member of the group, she used the vulnerable people who live with constant pain to gain ‘followers’ and to ultimately sell items through Zazzle. But mostly, I’m disgusted with her behaviour as a parent.

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    1. Unfortunately I have heard similar stories from other group owners. What ethics exist to deliberately market the artwork to people facing hardships and already have a certain level of vulnerability? They have lied their way into hundreds, possibly thousands, of support groups under the guise that they had a certain ailment, disease, or lifestyle simply to market the artwork. As a support group, the audience is already conditioned to be accepting and supportive of each other and relate to one another. The authenticity of the work is not immediately questioned in this setting. Many of the groups have nothing to do with Art nor Autism, so the audience may not be familiar with either and may believe it more easily.

      It boggles my mind how they have the time to take care of a special needs child all the while promoting the work so heavily. Not only this, but the energies they’ve exerted in harassing others to keep them from discussing these issues.

      Would it not be more simple to just tell the truth? How much are they really hiding with all these lies?

      I’m sorry your group was among those she targeted.

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  6. The lists of groups posted above are “public” groups on Facebook. A search will not include all of the “closed” or “secret” groups, so one can only imagine how many hundreds of those are being spammed by the Waters pushing their product there.

    Icing on the cake: The Waters also target cancer groups (typical of con artists, to prey on the vulnerable or sensitive). Here are a few groups.

    Cancer 101 – Healing from Cancer – Testimonials, Resources, and Discussion
    Cancer Cure
    Cancer Sucks
    Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) Survivors, Family and Friends

    And this: Targeting women who have had breast cancer in a group called “BREAST CANCER TATTOOS”, with the caption explaining “…maybe my next ink…”
    Or in another breast cancer group: “Maybe my next tattoo.”

    Seriously, posing as a cancer survivor in closed Facebook cancer groups, just to self-promote.

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