Candy Waters Autism Art Scam? pt 4

I invite you to view the comments on this blog, particularly the earliest entry, however the business owners of “Candy Waters Autism Art” offer comment on the first 3 entries.

You may notice that they do not address any of the concerns raised on this blog nor offer proof of authenticity of their product to consumers.

Instead, it appears, those commenting became personal targets of harassment by the business owners.

The following is a statement I’ve pulled from one of the commenters and her experience:

alina says:
March 5, 2016 at 11:53 am
This is my last comment on the situation as I’ve been alerted that my private information is now being shared by the Waters due to an innocent inquiry and comment on this blog.

My comment has never been about the family on a personal level, but about the business which happens to be named after their autistic child. I have not had any contact with this child or any desire to.

The blog is a collective of opinions. I am easily targeted because of my art business, which is a separate and irrelevant entity to this discussion.

Not only has the Waters family now posted my information in an effort to slander me, but they have spent Mar 2 – 4 researching and calling/emailing my past and current employers, institutions that show my artwork or are some how affiliated with me, as well as family members of mine that have been connected to what ever report they paid for to get unlisted information about me. The Waters have told them I am “stalking/harrassing their child who is a minor with autism” and spreading other falsehoods about me in an effort to deliberately ruin my reputation. I am not stalking anyone. It appears to be the other way around.

This behavior is absolutely uncalled for.
To inquire to a foundation, charity, or reporter about the authenticity of a product they endorse is one thing. To deliberately slander my name based on a personal opinion/belief I have that is in no way a representation of my art or my business, to my business colleagues in an effort to ruin my reputation is not only vengeful and reckless, but grounds for harassment.

The police are handling the situation and any further comment will come from my attorneys should the Waters continue to harrass me both on and offline.

I should also note that I removed the comments where Robert and Sandy Waters listed Alina’s personal address, because not only is that in direct violation of WordPress’s guidelines, but that is also a huge violation of someone’s privacy and against the law.

In all my years of business, I have never seen such reckless malicious actions from business owners in response to customer inquiry. Why resort to such behavior if you are in fact selling authentic products i.e artwork that was actually painted by a child with autism and not someone else?


11 thoughts on “Candy Waters Autism Art Scam? pt 4

  1. The more the Waters bluster and throw about empty, baseless threats, the more they confirm the suspicions of the many, many people who are following this story.

    I’m an artist as well, and there is no way I would turn down a request to prove the authenticity of my work. Want WIP photos, videos, a visit to my studio? No problem! Come in, sit down, have a coffee and watch me work if you’d like – that would be lovely. So why are the Waters refusing to address the issues brought up here, it makes no logical sense – unless they are hiding something. Not to mention, the only “proof” they had that their daughter creates anything at all is now taken down.

    I suspect that if law enforcement does become involved, it won’t be looking at the author of this blog, nor the many people in various Facebook groups whom the Waters have blocked, it will be looking straight at the Waters themselves and investigating possible art and charity fraud.

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  2. Sweet Jesus these people are nuts. I hope that someone investigates the sale of these paintings. Why on earth would they go through so much trouble when they could just post a video of Candy painting? Seriously Where is the proof?! This makes this Monkey very very grumpy.

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  3. I run a large medical diet-related facebook group. Sandy Waters joined, claiming that Candy follows the same medical diet. She never contributed to the group, but only posted links to “Candy’s” art work. I was contacted by private message by two members who admin other groups, who had had to ban Sandy from their groups for spamming. She has claimed that Candy has a thyroid condition, and that she uses medical cannabis, too. I suspect all of these claims are to increase the market for the art work.
    People who exploit children, the disabled and the sick make my blood boil.

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    1. A quick search for “Sandy waters art” on Facebook will reveal thousands of spam posts in groups focused on Veganisn, religion, cannabis use, politics, but most often disease-related support groups. Occasionally an extra sentence will be thrown in to say “Candy is Vegan” or “Candy is gluten free” or “Candy loves Trump” to at least make it seem relevant, but the agenda is mainly to advertise the work, gain likes, and convert to zazzle sales.

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  4. Now I know why my bank blocked me from purchasing a painting. It is fraud, they want you too use PayPal so it won’t go through the bank or credit cards that apparent know about this scam. I didn’t realize it was a scam till I called my bank! Then I googled them and started finding all this bad info on them. What a shame too use a disability child like this. I’m disabled and would never try something like this!!


    1. I don’t know anything about that. It may have just been coincidence. With PayPal, transactions need only a login and password, so you don’t expose bank details or card numbers to the merchant. It’s an added layer of protection for your financial information than directly supplying your bank account or credit card information. Whenever you make a purchase via PayPal, however, always check the URL of the website before entering any of your info. There are unfortunately a lot of phishing sites out there that use fake urls even though visually they look like a PayPal website.


  5. The bank said it was a fraudulent site, that’s why the transaction was stopped. I’m glad I didn’t use PayPal because I wouldn’t have known other wise. A friend shared their site on Facebook, that’s when I decided to order. Glad it didn’t go through, I only checked after what my bank said.

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