Candy Waters Art Scam? pt 2

Sandy and Robert Waters, the parents of Candace Waters, have commented the initial post upon the discovery of the page yesterday. You are welcome to view their comments, which have all been accepted, and read through the discourse between them and other parents of Autistic children.

If there is any confusion, the Waters are also posting under an alias in addition to this by the name “Liiz”. These were all submitted from the same person.

The original link shared with the public Youtube video of Candy Waters painting has been removed by her parents after being online since 2013. You can access the video here, as well as clips within this news segment (turn your sound up to hear the background audio).

For those that did not get to see the full video first hand, I will offer a synopsis of it here:

Candy Waters is 14 years old in the video. It is apparent that she is a child with autism. She is non-verbal and the severity of her autism shows that her coordination is also impaired. She is able to grasp a paintbrush somewhat unnaturally in a fist and swirls around paint on the surface before her very organically. Her father, Robert Waters, the man behind the camera in this video, is heard saying “Spread that paint”and coaching Candy to go back to painting when she loses focus and looks off elsewhere. This happens several times in the course of the video. The resulting painting is highly abstract, with a sort of muddy appearance due to spreading and mixing large amounts of paint together. There doesn’t appear to be any thought behind the markings on the surface but rather Candy is engaged by the act of painting itself; the tactility of the paint and pushing it around. The resulting image that is produced does not appear to have a premeditated composition. That is, it looks nothing like the artwork so heavily marketed on zazzle. On zazzle you see brightly colored paintings of suns, flowers, hearts, balloons and other representational imagery. The markings are precise, focused, and clean. The negative space and stark white of the paper are very important aspects of these paintings. Unlike the painting in the video, not all of the surface is covered in paint. The strokes themselves are delicate, varied. You can see the shape of the brush is important in these paintings. Sometimes the brush is used to “stamp” a pattern. In other times you see varying weights of the lines made. There is a definite and advanced understanding of color theory, “one-stroke” techniques, and composition. The abilities demonstrated in these paintings sold on zazzle do not match the abilities of Candy as shown in the YouTube video recorded by her parents. It is my opinion that her parents are the ones creating the zazzle paintings and not Candy Waters.




4 thoughts on “Candy Waters Art Scam? pt 2

  1. To: Artist Alina Bachmann

    Re: Malicious Allegations and Criminal Acts Against Robert, Sandy & Candy Waters (Who is a minor)

    Dear Ms. Bachmann:

    You have been contacting places that are affiliated with our daughter Candy Waters (Who is a Minor/Child) and her art. (We have all of the emails that you sent everyone about our daughter Candy Waters and our family.) Also, you have alleged that the Waters family are committing fraud. In addition you have been using a trademarked logo “Candy Waters Autism Artist” without our permission. These allegations and actions are extremely serious.

    The allegations that you are making are untrue and unfounded. Furthermore, we believe that you have deliberately attempted to destroy the Waters Family and Candy Waters Autism Artist career by making these false statements.

    Your attempts to contact the local media and other outlets to publicize these untruths show extreme malice.

    Cease and Desist contacting outlets and organizations that display our daughter Candy Waters art or have anything to do with our daughter Candy Waters.

    Candy Waters is a minor and harassing a minor could be elevated to much more serious criminal charges against you as well as a civil law suit. Also, take down your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam”. (See Link Below)

    It is important for you to know that your actions have consequences. An individual or individuals who deliberately makes untrue or unfounded statements in an attempt to damage the other persons reputation are liable for defamation.

    New York courts have further recognized that untrue statements regarding criminal acts such as fraud are so egregious that the victim of such statements may recover damages to their reputation and career.

    In conclusion you are hereby put on Official Legal Notice that you are to Cease and Desist from making any statements regarding The Waters Family & Candy Waters Autism Artist. (Either orally or in writing) that you know to be unfounded or untrue. In addition take down your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam” immediately.

    Should your actions continue or your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam” is not deleted, we will have no choice but to consider legal and criminal actions against you.

    If you have any questions you may contact us at any time.


    Robert & Sandra Waters

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  2. Robert and Sandra Waters keep saying “criminal acts” and attempting to depict Alina as some sort of enemy to the cause of Autism and Autism families, saying she is “harassing a special needs family”. Just for requesting authentication of how Candy Waters “art” is made, along with the rest of us?
    Do they realize how asinine that sounds?

    1. Exactly what are the “criminal acts”? Please be specific.

    2. How is Alina “harassing” and “bullying” people she’s never even had contact with? You mean by asking questions and documenting opinions of how the Candy Waters art business is a scam and how the girl isn’t actually making the art they’re marketing? Or that they were claiming to donate to charities, but weren’t really? That they seem to be living off of their disabled child like parasites? But oh my, they have convinced themselves that they are “spreading awareness” with “faith love and hope!” by selling forged art.
    This blog is not harassment. These are opinions and facts, and are fully protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution. It’s not illegal if it’s true, whether they like it or not. Don’t think we’re being truthful? Then please prove it and show that Candy is really making all those paintings. It’s not odd to request authentification when you buy art. It’s only weird if the parents spin it into some sick and twisted distortion, as the Waters are doing.

    3. These “criminal acts”…if Alina is committing an actual crime and you honestly fear for your safety, go to the police, like a law abiding citizen! File a report! Call 9-1-1! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
    Let’s see some credible proof that the Waters are actually being harassed, like they claim. Why haven’t the Waters reported all of this to the legal authorities? They keep saying they’re going to the police, FBI, and whatever, blah blah blah — but instead they keep sending fake emails that reek of blackmail to Alina’s professional affiliates to attempt to sabotage Alina’s character and posting a bunch of personal slander against her on social media. Oh wait, I know why they haven’t gone to the police. Because Alina hasn’t done anything wrong and is completely INNOCENT and she is being targeted by the Waters’ cyber bullying to keep the attention off of the publicity of their art scam.

    4. Alina’s (and the rest of our) questions are strictly about the legitimacy of the Waters’ art and business. For the millionth time, no one is harassing or would even consider harassing the child or the Waters family. No one is “bullying” or “harassing” them. Personally, I wish that child all the best, and I know first hand what it’s like to have a child like her, as well as having an Autistic sibling.

    NO ONE WHO IS ASKING THESE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CANDY WATERS “ART” HAS EVER MADE CONTACT WITH THE WATERS FAMILY. So please don’t flatter yourselves, Waters family. It’s not actually about you. Narcissist much? Or is your next ridiculous move going to be to try and spin this on Alina again like she’s the narcissist? Don’t bother. Because anyone who knows her in real life, as many of us do, would tell you and testify that she is a stellar example of integrity, decency, and honesty who cares about anyone and any living creature she comes in contact with.

    5. Those of us with Autistic family members are thoroughly disgusted by the Waters – their constant barrage of fake emails to anyone they can think of to attack Alina’s character, their social media aliases, and the pathetic diversion tactics to attack an innocent person. They bring shame on our entire special needs community and all of the charitable causes associated with Autistic people. Nauseating.

    Robert and Sandy Waters don’t represent special needs families. They are an insult to our community. And they can stop with the pseudo-religious, sanctimonious bible quotes on the facebook page, as if they’re some kind of helpless victims that deserves justice from the Almighty. Alina is the one that deserves justice and vindication. The Waters deserve jail. Candy and her brother deserve better.

    I have a quote for Robert and Sandy Waters, which they are apparently unfamiliar with:
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”
    For pretending to be so religious and devout, the Waters family would do well to go and brush up on their ten commandments, and also some Leviticus and Exodus while they’re at it. I honestly don’t know how they look at themselves in the mirror every day, pretending to be advocates for the disabled with their shameful art scam, while terrorizing an innocent woman.

    You aren’t fooling anyone.

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  3. I thank you so much. I “promo’d” her work on my page without thinking. I know enough about psychology, slander, and the like, to see from Sandy’s response what type of person she is. Thank you, I might not have known. People who do these types of things eventually have it backfire horrifically on them. I know that from personally witnessing it before, many times. The more they threaten, the worse it becomes for THEM. Her response (Sandy’s), you don’t need near the level of education I have in this area. It’s clear as pure water.

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    1. This is more of an addition. If someone needs to react like I’ve seen, they will eventually run into “the wrong person”, who is ready for them. Step into the circle, and take the rope, kind of thing. Some people are a mistake to bully.

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