Candy Waters Autism Art Scam? pt 3

Many news stories covering Candy Water’s art say the sale of the artwork has a charitable component, with half of the proceeds benefiting others with autism through the Kind Tree-Autism Rocks Foundation.

For example, in a recent article that was posted to the Autism Speaks website, it states:

…Kind Tree-Autism Rocks Foundation. Half of all proceeds from the sales of Candy’s prints are going to help others on the autism spectrum fulfill their dreams of becoming artists…

In an effort to find out the accuracy of this statement, we reached out to Kind Tree. According to them:

  1.  Kind Tree-Autism Rocks Foundation does not sell work by Candy Waters. Their whole sales portal shut down last year.
  2. Artists were paid 50% of the sale of their reproductions that they printed and that came through their sales portal.
  3. Annual sales of Candy Waters through KindTree were roughly only $50.00 with 50% of that going to the foundation.
  4. Other sales Candy might have through her mother’s websites do not benefit KindTree.
  5. KindTree also could not comment on whether or not Candy created the art because they did not require proof of disability or a certificate of authenticity for the art.

So it is clear that the Zazzle sales do not benefit this charity and are a separate endeavor.

Besides Zazzle, Candy’s work appears for sale with We Are Lions. We Are Lions is not a charity and according to them:

I have never seen her make artwork personally, no. I cannot speak for what Candy and her family profess to be doing on their zazzle page, but We Are Lions is not a charity nor do we claim to be. We believe that these artists are talented individuals and through the sale of their artwork, handouts are not encouraged or necessary.

That being said, we give our artists and non-profit partners commission rates and royalty fees of 50% of net profits. When someone purchases from, a for-profit company, the consumer is not donating money directly to the organization or charity in which the original piece of artwork sold came from.

It also appears that We Are Lions has since removed Candy’s work from their shop.

This blog is in no way a personal attack on Candy Waters or her family, or on special needs children. The item in question is the authenticity of the artwork being sold online and the validity of the statement that it has a charitable mission for Autism.

When direct inquiries to Sandy regarding Candy’s process and whether a child with Autism created the work being sold were deleted on the Candy Waters Autism Artist Facebook page and other posts administrated by Sandy Waters, the discussion moved elsewhere in an effort to find out if anyone truly has seen this child create these paintings claimed to be made by her, or could provide proof of their authenticity.  Naturally, people and organizations that had published interviews on the artwork were also contacted in an effort to prove their authenticity. To this date, none of the organizations contacted can attest to Candy actually creating the paintings sold on the zazzle shop and the only video published of Candy painting has been suddenly removed from YouTube. The foundations affiliated with the sale of the artwork also do not seem to have a charity component for the sale of the artwork, nor any involvement with the artwork on zazzle, as has been previously advertised.


11 thoughts on “Candy Waters Autism Art Scam? pt 3

  1. To: Artist Alina Bachmann

    Re: Malicious Allegations and Criminal Acts Against Robert, Sandy & Candy Waters (Who is a minor)

    Dear Ms. Bachmann:

    You have been contacting places that are affiliated with our daughter Candy Waters (Who is a Minor/Child) and her art. Also, you have alleged that the Waters family are committing fraud. In addition you have been using a trademarked logo “Candy Waters Autism Artist” without our permission. These allegations and actions are extremely serious.

    The allegations that you are making are untrue and unfounded. Furthermore, we believe that you have deliberately attempted to destroy the Waters Family and Candy Waters Autism Artist career by making these false statements.

    Your attempts to contact the local media and other outlets to publicize these untruths show extreme malice.

    Cease and Desist contacting outlets and organizations that display our daughter Candy Waters art or have anything to do with our daughter Candy Waters.

    Candy Waters is a minor and harassing a minor could be elevated to much more serious criminal charges against you as well as a civil law suit. Also, take down your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam”. (See Link Below)

    It is important for you to know that your actions have consequences. An individual or individuals who deliberately makes untrue or unfounded statements in an attempt to damage the other persons reputation are liable for defamation.

    New York courts have further recognized that untrue statements regarding criminal acts such as fraud are so egregious that the victim of such statements may recover damages to their reputation and career.

    In conclusion you are hereby put on Official Legal Notice that you are to Cease and Desist from making any statements regarding The Waters Family & Candy Waters Autism Artist. (Either orally or in writing) that you know to be unfounded or untrue. In addition take down your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam” immediately.

    Should your actions continue or your blog “Candy Waters Autism Artist Scam” is not deleted, we will have no choice but to consider legal and criminal actions against you.

    If you have any questions you may contact us at any time.


    Robert & Sandra Waters


  2. To: Artist Alina Bachmann

    We have all of the emails that you sent everyone about our daughter Candy Waters and our family.

    Robert & Sandra Waters


    1. But what you’re doing is shady. What little video or photo evidence of Candy actually creating the art is flimsy at best. There’s no evidence she made any of it, poor girl. It’s very much like she’s become your cash cow Sandy and for that you should be deeply ashamed.

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    2. Candy Waters don’t talk. You said yourself she is non-verbal. Just watch the videos. I notice even on your own facebook page you are talking for Candy Waters. You both are deceitful conniving liars. And personally you both are sick in the head.


  3. Proud enough to sell but not proud enough to video? If she is (and we all know she’s not) painting these its still crappy parenting not wanting to capture those moments. Those moments are amazing, more amazing then selling them. If she was painting this you would be taking video because people would be fascinated by her in turn drawing more attention to yourself that you so desperately crave.
    Aside from all that. Where do the donations go? That is a fair question everyone is untitled to know. The reason people are purchasing these items YOU paint is so it goes to a good cause… What good cause is it going to???

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