Cyberbullying and Doxing are NEVER OK.

More victims are being subjected to the reckless tactics of the operators behind the business “Candy Waters Autism Artist”, which once again include the owners:

  • posting personal addresses and contact information of individuals who have spoken out against the questionable practices of the business; falsely labelling the individuals as “cyberbullies” and provoking followers to contact and/or harass them.
  • placing unwarranted phone calls to the individuals and their relatives and/or associates as a means of harassment.
  • attacking these individuals on both a personal and professional level through defamatory posts on their individual business page(s) and/or about their business(es) on self-published pages.
  • gaslighting followers through both a ridiculous and lengthy Facebook Note* riddled with inaccuracies.

The individuals targeted by the business owners are also disabled, one of whom is also autistic herself.

alice art



If you are a victim of cyberbullying or doxing, you can file a report with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center in addition to your local police department. If you know the offending party’s location, you can also file a complaint with their police department.

Bullying is never an appropriate means of resolution. There is no justification in this type of behavior, especially when your claim is that they are “bullying people with disabilities” when the people you are in turn harassing are also people with disabilities.



*please note, the linked Facebook “Note” appears to be a living document, in that the writers continually add/edit it, and its content may have changed since the time of publishing this entry.


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