Class Action Lawsuit

There is news of a class action lawsuit against the business Candy Waters Autism Artist, owned and operated by Robert and Sandra Waters of Park Ridge, IL.

If you are a consumer who was lead to believe that the artwork was 100% created by the autistic teen, or that proceeds benefited an autism charity, please inquire directly with the folks at the Unspoken Victims of the Autism Art Scam for further measures and information.

In the past 48 hours we’ve been inundated with hundreds of messages from victims of the Waters Autism Art Scam. We have…

Posted by Unspoken Victims of Autism Art Scam on Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Contact: directly if you wish to share your story.
All information will remain confidential.

NOTE: We have no affiliation with those who retained the law firm. Any comments on this website will not be forwarded.


4 thoughts on “Class Action Lawsuit

  1. Please include this reply in lawsuit found under most of the Reviews on “Unspoken Gift’ on I went through the first 10 pages on Amazon and found this reply under most of the Reviews there and it is even in the description under the book as well. Amazon is absolutely doing nothing about it only given her a slap on the wrist with their rules. I have the images where she changed her description and bragged about it on her facebook page. I encourage everyone to visit Amazon and report this pack of lies and libelous statements. You don’t have to give your name or anything.

    “We would like to address all of the Negative Reviews in the “Review Section” about this book.

    First of all a Big “Thank You” to all of Candy Waters Autism Artist Fans for your Love, Kind Words & Support!! It has helped us get through this really hard and difficult time for our family.

    We will not sit quietly in pain and suffering any longer because everyone needs to Stand Up & Speak Out Against Cyberbulling!! This Cyberbulling and Hate against people with autism/disabilities needs to stop. These Trolls need to be exposed and documented for who they really are.

    Candy is 16 years old, has autism, nonverbal and loves to paint. Even though Candy can’t communicate with words she is able to speak through her art and be heard around the World!!

    There is an “Organized Hate/Smear Campaign” against our daughter Candy who is 16 years old, nonverbal and has autism. This “Organized Hate/Smear Campaign” has been orchestrated by two women named:

    1) Ms. Tina Pohlman from La Crosse, WI who is the President, Executive Director, Co-Founder of the APS Foundation of America, Inc (a Nonprofit Health Agency)

    2) Ms. Alice Carey from Crawfordsville, IN

    These women are very jealous of Candy’s talent & popularity and are filled with hate towards Candy and our family.

    This “Organized Hate/Smear Campaign” against our daughter Candy and our family has been going on daily for over two years now and it is still going on daily to this very day.

    Ms. Tina Pohlman & Ms. Alice Carey and their minions created many fake identities and wrote negative reviews and lies about Candy’s Art Book in order to Humiliate and Smear her name and ruin her book titled “Unspoken Gift ~ Candy Waters Autism Artist”.

    If you go to Candy Waters Autism Artist Facebook Like Page in the “Notes Section” of her Page there is a Blog about this subject. We would like to invite everyone to come and Like Candy’s Facebook Like Page. Here is the link to Candy’s Page.

    This Harassment and Hate by Ms. Tina Pohlman & Ms. Alice Carey and their minions against our daughter Candy and our family is well documented. We hate to mention these people’s names here but they are continuing this “Hate/Smear Campaign” and harassment against our daughter Candy, our family and Candy’s Fans. Yes, they even harass Candy’s Fans as well. Sick!!

    With That Said It’s Time To Move Forward With Candy’s Wonderful Art Book.

    Thank you to all of Candy’s Fans for your Love & Support!! You Guys Are Awesome!!

    Faith, Love & Hope,

    Candy’s Proud Family”


  2. Good! They need their asses sued off for making a mockery of the autistic community and heartlessly exploiting their innocent child for over 2/3 of her entire life. Mr. and Mrs. Waters are completely repellant, absent of any moral fiber, and an affront to parenthood. Their decade long deception and manipulation of the most vulnerable consumers is nauseating to even think about. The Waters will have plenty of time to contemplate how to make an honest living from their prison cells. And hopefully their children will get some more attentive and loving caretakers, since the parents clearly spend all day and night on the internet, trying to spin their narcissistic PR into pity and sympathy sales of their fraudulent rainbow crap art.

    Save Candy! Candy, please know that you have an army of ethical people who care about you and are on YOUR side! Sorry your parents are such self-centered pigs. It’s not your fault.

    And Waters, don’t try to lay any guilt trip shit on the people trying to utilize their consumer rights. YOU are greedily using your child for YOUR financial gain and not hers. You could make an honest living like the rest of us who are in the special needs community. Having a kid who isn’t neurotypical doesn’t entitle you to mislead, lie, stalk, harass, bully, fat-shame, pretend like you have terminal illnesses, steal, insult people with disabilities, make faked, ableist, insulting “autism art” (*whatever that is), and be lazy, duplicitous douchebags at large.

    There are better ways to provide for your family. Find some morals. Search your soul. How can you even look in the mirror, knowing what you are doing to your own flesh and blood and ripping off strangers?

    Ten years of this ridiculousness and abject neglect of your daughter’s needs. She could be doing so much more than being your human shield.
    Bloodsucking parasites.

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    1. PS: Don’t bother replying with one of your copy/paste, vapid “Stop attacking our family with your smear campaign”/ “see you in court” idiotic replies. Or do. Knock yourself out. Whatever. I don’t value the opinions of narcissistic child exploiters, so I won’t be replying to you…Especially if you can’t string a few words together and generate actual thought in a response beyond just CTRL/V.

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