Please Read.

This website is not affiliated with any other forums discussing the issue at hand, which is this:

Is the business, Candy Waters Autism Artist, (not to be confused with the teen) operating honestly and producing authentic work that is indeed made entirely (or at all) by the teen?

This website does not condone hatred or bullying in any form. This is not part of a hate campaign. Very simply put, this website offers opinions, discussions, and information that consumers have a right to know before buying a product. You yourself make the choice about whether or not you purchase something. We have absolutely nothing to gain in making this information available, and this has nothing to do with jealousy.

When people voice such opinions or inquiries directly on the Candy Waters Autism Artist Facebook page, they are removed and the user is banned. We believe users have a right to inquire about products prior to purchasing or after the fact without fear.

There are first hand accounts of the business owners retaliating through excessive means of stalking, harassing, and defaming inquirers both on and into their offline lives. Please read through the comments on earlier posts for more information.

This website documents real statements and experiences from patrons and/or followers in an effort to raise awareness of the discrepancies in the business’ practices over the years. Artists are constantly under critique, and as a published artist, it is to be expected that people will have various opinions on the work. As parents, however, it is their duty to shelter their child(ren) from what they believe to be harmful. Personally, if my child were being bullied online, I would make every effort to remove or restrict them from social media or internet access, not spend my days posting about it online. Law enforcement and child welfare services are resources to reach out to for assistance. Launching your own hate campaign against people in retaliation is not an appropriate means of resolution.

Ms. Alice Carey (an autistic adult) and Ms. Tina Polhman (a lupus patient and disability advocate) are in no way affiliated with the owners of this website.  Please thoroughly research the information available on this topic. There are over 3,000 individual people who have come forward regarding this art business, including a former therapist of the child, who believe the business to be dishonest and misleading.


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