Timeline – Candy Waters Autism Artist

Why did it take over a year and a half* for video footage to be released of Candy painting—and extreme measures from Sandy and Robert who both harassed people (including those with autism and special needs families) on/offline that dared to question the authenticity of the art (stalking and locating their personal addresses, employers and family in the process to deliberately smear them)—when a simple unedited video showing Candy at work would have laid any concerns to rest immediately if the Zazzle art were in fact authentic?

*this may span earlier, however, due to mass deleting by Sandy Waters, the earliest example that could be publicly recovered appears on twitter, a platform that does not allow other’s posts to be removed by Sandy Waters.

February 8, 2015*

Twitter user @GingerosityXOXO posts the following question on a public forum that is not moderated by Candy Waters Autism Artist

June 27, 2015

Circulated posts appear on social media where professionals warn that this is a charity scam, also on platforms not moderated by Candy Waters Autism Artist.
Exhibit A         Exhibit B

June 2015 – January 2016

Hundreds of people politely question the work, in groups, on the Candy Waters Autism Artist page, often simply asking if there are any videos of the artist at work. These comments are deleted by Sandy/Robert Waters and the user is banned when she is able to do so. If she is unable to delete their comment, she deletes the entire post so the comments disappear along with it.

February 2016

Sandy Waters posts the artwork in Facebook group “ARTISTS TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING CREATING ART”. Anyone asking about process gets blocked. A discussion takes place within the group between special needs parents. Sandy Waters joins the conversation under her fake profile FRED JOHNSON and immediately harasses everyone for discussing the work. The group’s admin is also threatened with legal action if the posts aren’t removed. You can see the posts below. Only FRED JOHNSON’s are missing because Sandy Waters disabled the profile.

Exhibit C

BACKGROUND: This same profile was used by Sandy Waters to harass her former grade school classmates when they requested she not continually spam their alumni page with the artwork, as it was irrelevant to the group’s theme. She was shunned from the group and proceeded to ambush them under her alias, FRED JOHNSON.

Exhibit D   Exhibit E   Exhibit F

This blog emerges for continued public discourse for informative purposes in hopes of resolving unanswered questioned that would otherwise be deleted on the Candy Waters Autism Artist Facebook page.

March 2016

Sandy and Robert Waters begin commenting this blog under their name as well as aliases “Liz”, “Joe” and “Candy” (all from the same IP Address).

Exhibit G      Exhibit H     Exhibit I

Sandy and Robert Waters proceed to research, cyber stalk, and harass a commenter of the blog, locating her address, phone number, and resume. The Waters each proceed to contact over a decade’s worth of employers, past and present, to smear her, going so far as to brand her a pedophile to her colleagues and business associates. They demand the individual’s immediate termination from employment and threaten to boycott businesses, picket events, and launch defamatory pages if the employers do not concede.

Sandy Waters uses her fake profile JOHN BRAND to run a smear campaign directly on this individual’s own business page, falsely declaring her as a pedophile and fraud publicly.

Exhibit J

Sandy and Robert Waters are served an official Cease and Desist (unlike the myriad of fake cease and desist letters they self-issue) from law enforcement.

April 2016

Sandy and Robert Waters continue to pursue the individual indirectly by targeting her family, which they personally scope out via internet searches. Sandy and Robert Waters create blogs and boycott pages against this individual and her business relationships as well as over a handful of other autistic artists and their families. All of this information is documented and preserved with screenshots and page caches but will not be posted here for respect of the privacy of those in Sandy and Robert Waters’ crossfire.

Legal investigations are in place and certain information cannot be disclosed. Ironically all blogs Sandy Waters created and smear campaigns are abruptly removed at the close of one investigation.

May 2016

Sandy Waters continues to impersonate a doctor in order to add fictitious credibility to the work they advertise as Candy’s.

Meet Dr. Gatto

“He” regurgitates the same canned response and alludes to the mere request of video of Candy at work as promoting pedophilia.

An actual former therapist of Candy’s speaks out with beliefs that the art is a scam.

Exhibit K

June 2016

Sandy and Robert Waters post the first new video of Candy painting in 3 years. The video is edited and does not show Candy as the artist making the close up strokes. It appears to be a switch off to another person.

Exhibit L

Sandy Waters still continues to impersonate “Dr Gatto” and utilizes a myriad of other fictitious aliases online including:
Mary Mitchell, John Brand, Saffron Burrows, Karen Miller, Ana Rodriquez, and more to promote, complement, and engage with the work. The profiles are reported as fake and Facebook freezes many for ID verification (you must upload your gov ID to verify you are using your real name). Many of the pages switch to show “Sandra” or “Sandy” Waters, however the urls remain with her fictitious aliases.

Exhibit M

July 2016

Sandy and Robert Waters create a slew of blog entries addressed to their “Stalker”/”Cyberbully” most of which accuse behavior that they themselves engage in (i.e. harassment, stalking, cyberbullying, multiple profiles, fake names, etc.)

Exhibit N

Sandy and Robert Waters begin to show videos of Candy at work on paintings that demonstrate skill that is nowhere near the level of what was advertised previously in the Zazzle work. They are vastly different and many more suspicions are raised about the authenticity of what was originally marketed as Candy’s as a result of the new videos. Comments that question the difference are removed.

Another autistic artist provides her own video critiques and assessments of the work and new videos on Youtube. (Please note: the opinions expressed in those videos are not condoned by this website.)

Other blogs/postings also surface that question the work as well.

Exhibit O    Exhibit P  Exhibit Q

August 2016

Sandy Waters creates another blog of her own to self-promote the artwork anonymously.

Exhibit R

She also creates another fake profile to “fake purchase” one of the new artworks that are for sale.

September 2016

Sandy and Robert Waters target, stalk, and personally harass two other individuals who discuss the work on Youtube.

See comments:
Exhibit S   Exhibit T

Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments. 


10 thoughts on “Timeline – Candy Waters Autism Artist

  1. The comments from all of the videos have been deleted. And Sandy probably lied through her teeth to get You Tube to take them down. Surely she isn’t so stupid that she doesn’t know that stalking is a criminal act. So let’s keep up the good fight to free Candy from her whacky mother and father. Candy most certainly deserves better.

    When Sandy shows us a video with NO EDITS of Candy’s painting is when people will get off her back. Or is that too hard to understand for Sandy.


    1. Alice – It’s pretty clear that she created a fake profile to pretend to buy them from herself to make it look like it was sold to an admirer. “Amy Cohen” is one of the latest fake profiles. “Amy” bought a painting recently. I don’t know if that’s one of the ones you mean.

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  2. http://bit.ly/2cqgVv5 Latest scam. I am infuriated by what this person is doing . I can tell you, artists don’t take too kindly to scammers. I know someone in this contest and when I started looking at the other entries, I saw this one. It peaked my interest for several reasons, one being that it didn’t fit the criteria laid out in the prospectus . The other was the association with autism and the fact that it had so many votes when there are clearly better designs. She is breaking multiple rules and likely stuffing the ballots with votes from aliases. Disgusting.

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  3. Sandy Waters is now stalking me all over the net. Slander, Defamation to someone who signed a petition & questioned earlier art as a scam. For that she is now threatening to sue me because “I’m a scam too. My business is a scam.” Oh bring it bitch. The last ass that said that didn’t fair well. I told her to cease and desist. She is not. I’m not making videos. I am not saying about her daughter. The earlier art work is not Candy’s, period.
    The art is a scam.

    See the public post. https://www.facebook.com/eyzrbrn/posts/10210745947995096?match=I3NhdmVjYW5keXdhdGVycw%3D%3D Comments have all the screen shots. I have lots more that I turned over to Dr. Phil. 400MB more. Yes, she had the opportunity to end this all by going on Dr. Phil but chose not too. If everything was legit, why not go on TV? She could have made sales galore but instead deletes more posts of people who question her, the videos are no longer being made and the old art is now reappearing. People are noticing the change now that the old and new art are side by side.

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  4. I had not heard of this scam, though I can well understand how those sympathetic to the parents of autistic children could be misled by it. It took courage on your part to confront the scammers. Standing up for the truth is always important and all too rare. Kudos!

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  5. The parents are selling many different types of items on zazzle.com featuring art allegedly created by their daughter. These include watches, calendars, posters, postcards and original works of art. Has anybody contacted zazzle? If they knew of the fraud involved, they might very likely remove those listings. What about facebook? Has anyone contacted them. Their facebook page provides links to zazzle. Is it against facebook policy to promote items for sale that are deceptive or fraudulent? Apparently, these people have invested a lot of money in inventory, which explains why they are so viciously fighting back. As far as the cocktail table book which appears to be fraudulent, there are so many negative reviews on Amazon that anybody who reads them would be a fool to purchase the book.

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  6. Hi Bob, the shops such as Zazzle and PAOM (Print All Over Me) are print-on-demand internet shops. This means that inventory isn’t pre-made with the images on it in advance. There is no big financial investment required for a seller on these sites, except for maybe if the seller has a “pro” account and has to pay a small monthly subscription fee for the services. The seller is not expected to invest in the inventory in any way.

    When an item is ordered, it is printed as a “one-off”. This is why the seller makes only a small percentage profit on an individual sale. It also explains why the Waters spam and self-promote all day long in literally thousands of internet groups, while trying to present over 3000 items of merchandise in various formats of the same photos.

    Because, it takes a lot of Zazzle/PAOM/Amazon sales to continue living off of their daughter’s disability like the parasites and scam artists committing fraud. I mean, in addition to the government benefits they already likely receive for their 2 children. Add to that, the fact that they likely are not paying any taxes on all of this allegedly unreported income, based on tax law for disabled people and minors.


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