Saffron, John, and Sandy

This article raises a lot of valid points.

beware of art scams

Below are some quotes from Ms. Waters, who apparently believes that there is only one person with “thousands” of fake identities who she perceives as stalking and harassing her, along with “a few sick and twisted friends”.  (If this is true and the Waters feel that someone is actually harassing them, why haven’t they gone to the authorities already?  That is what you do when you have a legitimate cause for complaint).

From one of the Waters’ recent blog entries:

To:  Cyberbully/Stalker & a few of your Psychotic Friends

You are a despicable, sick person and a FRAUD!!  If you have legitimate complaints against us and are telling the truth than why are you hiding under many fake identities?

We know who you are because we have your emails that you sent to everyone that is affiliated with our daughter with your true identity on them.  If you are using fake identities than…

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4 thoughts on “Saffron, John, and Sandy

  1. One of the quotes from the Waters’ most recent blog posts is:
    “You are so jealous of my daughter and son because they have a mother and father that loves them unlike you.”

    1) What a desperate and despicable thing to say in an attempt to bait an emotional response from anyone. Even if a person had no parents or dysfunctional parents – or dead parents, or sick parents, or other serious family issues, why would this be an acceptable thing to say to another human being? This really says a lot about the Waters and their whole fake “FAITH, LOVE, and HOPE” dog and pony show. The hatefulness in their word choices definitely reveal their true colors.

    2) How is this relevant in any kind of way to whether they are exploiting their children and operating a scam? Whatever kind of family anyone out there has, THE WATERS ARE OPERATING A SCAM AND TAKING PEOPLE’S MONEY FOR ART DESIGNS THAT WERE NOT CREATED BY THAT GIRL. Again, it’s a deflection to try to keep people from asking questions about the authenticity of what they are doing.

    PS: Waters, if you’re reading this, no one is jealous of you, I promise. Really.

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    1. They are reading since she decided to remove those profiles, which had been active for over 5 years. (John and Saffron)

      The activity of those accounts can be confirmed with Wow! Internet regardless of them having been just now deleted. The GA is also in possession of over 100 screenshots submitted by victims of this fraudulent business, with more people filing reports every day.

      An autistic artist has recently taken to voicing her own opinions on YouTube on the matter. Sandy’s recent attempts at evading the truth is a complete embarrassment to the autistic community and those whose names she carelessly flaunts around as endorsers.

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  2. I witnessed Sandy in action in a FB group today. She posted in an addiction recovery group (nothing to do with autism) and someone stated that they didn’t think that it belonged in the group because it was off topic, selling and there was controversy in the autism community and she linked this site. Sandy went off, calling her a liar etc.. I have screen shots because her reactions was a bit over the top. Sandy and her post got booted from the group and the original commenter stayed put. After seeing her awful reaction I had to come and see what the story was.. she is not doing herself any favors because if she had responded in a normal way I wouldn’t have checked out this site. I have this bookmarked for further updates!

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    1. We would love to see the screenshots.
      Sandy Waters has used several fake accounts to attack others, including other autistic artists.
      If you look through the comments on this page, you can see first hand accounts of this as well as numerous people speaking out from groups she spams. They should just enjoy their daughter for who she is rather than force this lie/life upon her with a price tag.

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