Candy Waters Art Scam? Part 5

We would like to thank everyone who has messaged in and commented with their experiences. If you wish to remain anonymous, we completely understand given the hostility the family has exerted on those publicly expressing their concerns.

We received the following information from a former therapist of Candy’s:

Just wanted to let you know that I used to work with Candy at a school, I was her 1:1 aide. I worked with her for about 6 months at the school and also worked with her after school at home. I have long questioned this art that the family claims to be hers because when I worked with her she had 0 art skills. She did not have the fine motor skills to control her movements and paint anything besides blobs. She would often just stim with the paint. I do not believe this is Candace’s art work and I think it is despicable what the family is doing. They would often times just leave her alone in the backyard kiddy pool. I complained to the school once about it.

It has been a concern of many that this child’s developmental needs are not being met, or that she is perhaps deliberately being stunted to preserve this potential scam.

If you have information you wish to share, please comment below. You can enter “anonymous” as the name if you wish to remain anonymous.


16 thoughts on “Candy Waters Art Scam? Part 5

  1. I just watched the much requested video of candy doing Art. Only when the camera cuts away to a close up does she then start to paint, clearly not the same movements she makes when the camera shows her whole body. Clearer now to me, more than ever, THIS IS A SCAM! Her parents should be arrested.

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    1. What a joke.
      Here are the steps:

      1. Here’s Candy, making some random, heavy dots and blobs on command.
      2. Now let’s cut and do an extreme shaky closeup, where you can’t see whose hands are painting, and let’s make some embellishments that Candy is not capable of doing, that look kind of like feathers.
      3. Back to full shot of Candy, making some more blobs on top of the work someone else did.
      4. Publish the video and pretend like the whole thing is Candy’s work.
      5. (optional) Lie and pretend like it was made in dedication of a terrible tragedy that will attract additional attention and sympathy.

      Seriously bad. It would be hilarious if so many people weren’t being suckered into giving them money.

      And then they make other videos with this same Candy-Mom-Candy technique? Like this proves Candy is capable of making all that Zazzle art?


      1. Check out a video called “Exploitaton of an Autistic Child Named Candy Waters”. I can’t post links here so I will give you the name of the You Tube Video. The Channel name is 100percentOS2 where there are several videos which include a painting demonstration.

        Most certainly not making fun of Candy Waters. I’m just demonstrating how deceitful and lowdown Sandy is. This You Tube video is called “NO EDITS OR NO CLOSE-UPS DEMONSTRATION”


  2. Following the usual, predictable pattern of trying to get attention by latching onto others’ tragedies that are trending in social media, the Waters published a painting that Candy was coached to make with dots and smears. The video is heavily edited and contains lots of cuts and restarts. She is not filmed from start to finish, and it does not appear that she composed it entirely herself.

    The day BEFORE the Orlando tragedy, the art was filmed and called Free Bird.
    The day AFTER the Orlando tragedy, the art was abruptly renamed “Peace Bird” and it was supposedly done to honor the dead, as though Candy was somehow reacting to the news events.

    It could not possibly have been made as a reaction to the massacre, chronologically speaking. The painting was already made and published on Facebook days before. The Waters simply rebranded it with new comments, stealing sympathy for the dead and appropriating it to spotlight themselves.


    They also did it when Prince passed away.
    They also did it after the Paris massacre.

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  3. Why haven’t these 2 dirt bags been put out of business yet since this has been going on for a while with her daughter Candy Waters. And now Sandy Waters has posted yet another image only of a design that Candy Waters was supposedly have done. Maybe everyone should bomb Zazzle’s contact information with emails demanding that these designs Sandy did, be taken down. I’ve sure have sent several messages to them.

    Of course we don’t need to concern ourselves about Autism Speaks anymore because they took her blog down.

    Sandy and Robert Waters need to stop making Candy Waters something she is not! Check out this most recent You Tube video where Candy Water’s mother is doing her deceit again and then read the description and comments below. I have to say this one is by far the most heartbreaking and you can see it in Candy’s face. Wished I could post the link here because it will just get rejected.

    The name of the video is “Sandy Waters Playing The Fraud Game Again 6-19-2016” on You Tube. Just use copy and paste in the You Tube search.


      1. When you say that Lisa Madigan is looking into the matter, was that from an individual complaint that was filed? What type of follow-up is expected, I’m very interested to hear. I have not purchased anything from them, however am sickened by their continuous exploitation of their child and the autism community.

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      2. I just got done sending a complaint to Lisa Madigan on her Attorney General’s website. But I was not able to include attachments or links. So I came down on her a bit hard saying if she is really investigating the Candy Waters exploitation to send me an email.

        I just think a lot of these people are sitting on their hands hoping the complaints will go away. And I haven’t heard anything good about any of the officials in Illinois anyhow. So if she is sincere about bringing closure to this than she will send me an email where I can send the videos along with my message as well proving to Lisa Madigan that this is a fraud. And besides, if any of you went through the Attorney General’s website it is not certain that your complaints were even read by her, but one of her flunkies that work in her office despite her name being signed at the bottom.


  4. I see Sandy has posted yet another design that obviously Candy DID NOT paint but either Sandy or Robert has painted, but, no video. Maybe these ignorant people have wised up because it was the videos that clued us in to the scams anyhow.

    Just to let everyone know I am working on a new You Tube video of the animal like creature that Candy attempted to paint than the video was cut off short with an adult finishing this up with those intricate brush strokes and the way the paints are blended than an image is taken. Another one is the so called Bird of Peace which doesn’t even look like a bird of peace but more like a grasshopper. But, still I can see where an adult even taken a hand in this one as well because I’m suddenly seeing additional paint that Candy Waters DID NOT paint and those intricate brush strokes again. I also noted the order of colors that were being used as well with colors that was first used appeared in the extra painted areas that Candy DID NOT do. It is obvious that her dad is behind this one because you can hear his voice.


      1. I went on Café Press Twitter yesterday as well as sending a couple of messages to Café Press with images and how Robert Waters is exploiting his daughter. Let’s all get on the bandwagon and do some protesting making sure we put emphasis on the fact that the Waters is exploiting their severely Autistic daughter. Let’s not let up on them. LET’S SAVE CANDY FROM HER PARENTS AND NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THEM BECAUSE WE HAVE TO LAW ON OUR SIDES.


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