No, this is not a virus.

If you’re just discovering this page, here is a summary of what it discusses:

For years people have questioned the authenticity of the artwork advertised as being created by this child with autism “who speaks through her art”.

Since 2013, there has only been one video out there of her painting. This is a partial clip of the full home video that was submitted to ABC. The original video shows more of her natural and authentic painting process, which appears to be smearing a mass of paint that is muddied in appearance. This is in direct contrast to the colorful and delicate/precise art being displayed on Zazzle that they are branding as being made completely by her “from the first stroke to the last piece of glitter”.

Questions about the video usually get deleted and blocked. People have even been slandered as being pedophiles just for asking. Doctors are also impersonated as an attempt to add credibility through deception (notice the timestamps).

Many people have questioned the work over time. However, if you do so on the Candy Waters Autism Artist Facebook page, you will immediately be blocked/banned/deleted. The comments vanish. When people have questioned the artwork on other platforms, the comments were met with legal threats and fake “cease and desist” letters by the business to intimidate and bully people from voicing their concerns.

If you read through the comments of the very first entry on this blog, you will see evidence of this and firsthand accounts of this harassment. There are many more examples of this out there. The business has gone after dozens of individuals personally for voicing their opinions. They have even posted names and contact information for several artists, including those with autism (and their family members), and publicly slandered them in an effort to silence those speaking out or deter attention from their own public scrutiny.

In another desperate effort to censor people from the information shared on this blog, the Candy Waters Autism Artist page made an announcement that this page was a Virus rather than address any of the questions it raises. To say this blog is a virus is completely FALSE and just another example of them deceiving their own followers. For further reassurance, our URL begins with HTTPS, and is a secure and safe website.

Separate from this, many group owners have commented this blog to share personal accounts of the business spamming their support groups and lying about having certain conditions in order to gain access to the thousands of vulnerable people in these groups. From homeschool groups to specific disease groups, the business has targeted a large range. Here is only a partial list.

Celebrities are often advertised as endorsers of the work, however, many of the photos were taken at book signings and autographing opportunities, such as the 2015 Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, where a single magazine’s cover art was autographed at multiple celebrity tables. If there is any concern over the validity of these endorsements, you can contact the organizations/representatives directly to inquire.


10 thoughts on “No, this is not a virus.

      1. If it’s any consolation, it is highly doubtful that all of those “likes” are organic. There are definitely ways to farm fake likes, in the thousands (try searching for it on YouTube or Google). Also, the Waters have an enormous number of fake accounts in social media, used for trolling and giving themselves fake compliments and sharing links.

        They do have a lot of support, but it is also boosted artificially.

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      1. Well we need to get a lot more signatutes and feedback. I am going to be printing out this petition with comments and some emails a few handwritten letters. It will be sent to the places I have mentioned on the petition and a few more. However just over 100 signatures I don’t think will cut it so we just gotta keep pushing.


      1. Making the video private (again, how many times now?) is not only foolish, but also it makes it appear even more like they are trying to hide something. Clips from that same video are embedded in the news articles that they themselves were trying so hard to promote in their quest to be “world famous”.

        Really – the ONLY video of this teenager actually painting (or in this case, basically smearing), and they keep turning the privacy on and off, as if that is somehow helping their credibility?. No. It just makes them look more evasive.

        Why not just be proud of what the child is creating on her own, instead of doctoring up the mom’s or the brother’s pieces and pretending they’re something that they’re not?

        Why is it so important to depict a child with Autism as some sort of painting savant?
        Why not accept the child as she is, for what she CAN do and not what she CAN’T do?

        Why does this need to be made into a business, as though Candy is a side show at a carnival?

        Links and promotion and marketing. That’s all anyone sees of this family, topped off with a fake “faith and love” slogan or whatever bs false sentiment they keep repeating. There is nothing showing that they are actually doing anything to help other families with Autism in their struggle. I thought they claimed to be “raising awareness”? How, exactly? By selling mass produced shelf junk?

        Why not embrace Candy’s TRUE art – the messy, untouched scribble art that she enjoys making – and show others her progress over time as an example of leadership to families who are new to the world of Autism, who have just been diagnosed? When you have kids with special needs, and you are so desperate to be famous and make a living off of it, then you are obligated to show good ambassadorship for the cause. The Waters are not doing that. They are bringing shame to the special needs communities with their lies.

        If the Waters know (with 100,000 “likes” on Facebook) that they have people’s’ attention, then they should be morally obligated to set a good example as the “public figures” they are desperately trying to make themselves out as – and not to trick supporters into buying merch stamped with forged art that someone else made.

        There needs to be more acceptance of neurodiversity, and the parents are doing their child and ALL PEOPLE WITH AUTISM a disservice.
        By making these fake paintings and branding them as Candy’s, the parents are essentially saying that they don’t accept their child for who she is. They wish she made different and prettier art (which SELLS BETTER and attracts “That’s so amazing!” comments to stroke their bottomless and desperate egos), so they make forged crap or gussy up the simpler pieces to look impressive to gullible strangers.

        And no, the posed and staged photos to make it look like Candy is “at work” painting a design that someone else clearly did are pretty obvious.

        Confess your sins, Waters. Stop ostriching. COME CLEAN.
        You are harming your children with your constant dishonesty. People are on to you.

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